Emir Feliciano sometimes known as “Keyboard Conspiracy” is a Music Producer & DJ. Emir Feliciano born in Añasco, Puerto Rico.
He is an educated “Classical music” musician, as many other successful artists and DJss like: BT. His education is notably heard in his
compositions. He made his music career in the: Interamercan University of Puerto Rico at San German. Obtaining Bachelors in Arts in
Music specialty “Piano” as main instrument.

He discovered his talent in music at the age of 15 years old. Since then, he has been polishing his art as a pianist and then as DJ. He has
studied and played several genres as: Lounge Music, Trance, Electro and Progressive House among others.

Emir Feliciano is Puerto Rico’s fast growing DJ & Music Producer of Electronic Music scene. Actually, he is playing his music in Puerto
Rico’s most visited places like: PR Convention Center, Ficus Café, El San Juan Resort, Señor Frogs, Condado and more.

He is distinguished for his “Live PA” Live Performance show in which he plays his music live using keyboards, turntables and other live
instruments like: Vocals, Drums and Saxophone.

Actually, he is the one of the few “DJs and Producers” that could represent Puerto Rico in other countries. Offering his original
productions and compositions instead playing music from other artists as many other DJs.

Emir Feliciano has been considered one of the most distinguished Music Producer and DJ of the island; this talent will be exploded!